• Literacy
    Examine the ways literacy is interwoven into every aspect of our lives.
  • Digital Learning
    Learn the latest trends and technology in virtual and digital education.
  • Spectrum of the Arts
    Learn about trends and technology in visual and performing arts education.
  • Science Rocks
    Discover new ways Pinellas County students and teachers are exploring the world of science.

Newest Videos from WPDS-TV14

Exploring innovative teaching and learning through excellence and dedicated leadership

As the district’s Emmy Award nominated television station, WPDS-TV14 is the FCC licensed educational learning channel for the Pinellas County School district. The mission of the television station is to highlight excellence in the classroom, showcase innovative practices to raise student achievement and provide the community with quality educational television programming supporting teaching and learning at all levels throughout Pinellas County.

In the new PCS Journal with Al Ruechel, Title One Specialist Adrian Anthony talks about the district's Scale-Up program. PCS Journal airs everyday at noon and 8pm.

The All County Music Concerts continues Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm. Band 3/24-6pm, Orchestra and Chorus 3/28-6pm, Band 3/29-6pm, Orchestra and Chorus 3/31-6pm. The Elementary Concert begins Saturday, April 3rd at 6pm and will run every weekend at that time slot during the month of April. Don't miss Spectrum of the Arts with a behind the scenes look at the All County Concert series. Spectrum of the Arts-Monday and Friday evening at 6pm.

Inside the PCS Classroom shows how technology is being used in elementary school classrooms around the district. Inside the PCS Classroom airs Monday and Friday evening at 7:30pm. 

 In the current edition of Science Rocks Pinellas, STEM coordinator Laura Spence takes us to the Florida Educational Technology Conference in Orlando and STEM Academies around the district. Science Rocks air every Monday and Friday evening at 7pm.




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