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    Examine the ways literacy is interwoven into every aspect of our lives.
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    Learn the latest trends and technology in virtual and digital education.
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    Discover new ways Pinellas County students and teachers are exploring the world of science.

Newest Videos from WPDS-TV14

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As the district’s Emmy Award nominated television station, WPDS-TV14 is the FCC licensed educational learning channel for the Pinellas County School district. The mission of the television station is to highlight excellence in the classroom, showcase innovative practices to raise student achievement and provide the community with quality educational television programming supporting teaching and learning at all levels throughout Pinellas County.

We are excited to announce that starting in May we will be showing The Movie Loft and Brain Candy TV on the WPDS-TV main channel!  Now in it's 20th year, Movie Loft 360 surrounds movie fans with fun and entertaining content about the best new movies available to watch for the first time at home or on the go on their laptop, tablet or smartphone.  To learn more about The Movie Loft, click the image above.  And to view full episodes as well as stand alone movie reviews, check out their Vimeo page here.  Also, on our Teen Channel you will be able to see these 2 great shows as well as Premium TV!

In the new PCS Journal with Al Ruechel, Al talks to Mark Hunt, the Executive Director of Career Technical & Adult Education for Pinellas County Schools. PCS Journal airs everyday at noon and 8pm. In addition, don't miss a half-hour special on the Pinellas Technical College in St. Petersburg dedication. That program airs on Monday and Friday evening at 7:30pm.

The All County Elementary Concert continues Saturday and Sunday at 6pm throughout the month of May. Don't miss a new Spectrum of the Arts with a behind the scenes look at the All County Elementary concert and visit to the Pinellas Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School. Spectrum of the Arts-Monday and Friday evening at 6pm.

Science Rocks Pinellas explores the world of Florida Sea Turtles on both coastlines and takes you to a STEM Family Night.

Inside the PCS Classroom shows how special education teachers are using technology in their elementary school classrooms around the district. Inside the PCS Classroom airs Monday and Friday evening at 7:30pm. 





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